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Hi! This is Elaine and Glyph, mother and daughter tandem who are craft enthusiasts! A Registered Nurse and a student, respectively, we find that we are always caught in a situation where things get a heavy toll on both of us.

However, crafting is the “Balm of Gilead,” which regenerates our energies and keeps us excited all the time as there is so much to look for at the end of each day!

Glyph loves simple arts and crafts ideas for kids  and other beautiful works of art!  Elaine is passionate and feels ecstatic every time she sees personalized ornaments that emerges out of regular items or any simple materials which are transformed into expensive-looking decorative arts such as decorative jars or decorative pillows!

Surprisingly, they found out that a lot of the crafting ideas are scattered everywhere. So they decided to compile it together and bring it to this site.

Hence, this one-stop-shop Crafting Sun is born!


We believe that everyone is an artist in their own way!

This site hopes to provide inspirations to help one express his/her passion and creativity without limit!

We will provide links to books, videos, how to do-it-yourself ideas, supplies so you can start with any project you are interested in doing.

Most of the crafts we will feature here are simple, doable, and will only require a fraction of your time and money.   We will endeavor to determine the age suitability for these crafts so you will be guided accordingly.

We also encourage you to access the links here to artists producing exquisite crafts that you may like to buy for souvenirs, party favors, and gifts for any occasion or as decorative items!

For questions and inquiries, feel free to email us. Comments are also welcome. We are more than happy to hear from you anytime!


Elaine & Glyph


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