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It’s the homepage of Crafting Sun! It contains the most recent posts of the latest trends in the craft world that we will introduce to the readers. Keep updated if you wish to know more about amazing things about crafts!


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  • Crafts – description of great craft works from talented and passionate artists will be shown to readers who are looking for crafts to buy. Links provided will lead to the original source when planning to purchase.
  • Materials – supplies are your best assistant in making crafts we love to do! They will be listed here so the readers know where they can afford them. Links provided will lead to the original source when planning to purchase.
  • Craft Stores – whether it’s online or local, knowing different stores to buy from will save the readers from being limited to craft shopping. Know your favorites!


  • Beginners – Are you new to crafts? Looking at them, do you want to make one? The Beginner level is filled with basics and easy craft tutorials so you don’t need to prove others you have to be professional to make something incredible! Links provided will lead to the original source.
  • Intermediate – Do you want to learn more beautifully detailed crafts? Intermediate level will lead you to classes that are easy to follow and guide you to completion step-by-step. Links provided will lead to the original source.


What comes to mind when you see different crafts? These thoughts and journeys regarding crafts will be shared through blog posts for our readers to enjoy and relate to. Whether it’s nostalgic or something brand new, we’ll glad to talk about it with you!


Love to admire crafts or get inspiration through visual? The gallery contains pictures or videos of crafts that has been shown within Crafting Sun. Clicking a photo will lead you to the original posts if you want to know where they are or how they are made.


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